Inflatable Testing and Training Nationwide

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PIPA is an inspection scheme set up by the inflatable play industry to ensure that inflatable equipment conforms to recognised safety standards.

On the 1st January 2019 PIPA separated from the Performance Textiles Association (PTA). PIPA's formal company name is The PIPA Testing Scheme Ltd which is a company limited by guarantee. PIPA is run by the PIPA Leadership Group (PLG)

The scheme is supported by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) who were consulted at every stage of its development.

Tagging and Inspection for bouncy castles and other inflatable play equipment that are bounced or slid on. PIPA currently does not cover inflatable games or pool inflatables

All inflatable play equipment that falls within the scope of the PIPA scheme should be tagged and entered onto the database.

A PIPA tag means the equipment is:

  1. Designed to a recognised standard (EN 14960) based on safety
  2. Inspected by nationally qualified inspectors
  3. Approved for commercial use

The PIPA scheme delivers:

PIPA has the support of:

Using equipment with a current Inspection Report ensures the equipment has been inspected and passed to the highest quality safety standards.

Inflatable Testing And Training Service is a registered PIPA Inspection Body